Rite-Media FABRICS

  Rite-Media- MuralTex

Inkjet Media Solvent printable paper Rite-Media- MuralTex

7mil polyester fabric

Rite-Media MuralTEX - 7mil polyester fabric with an acrylic removable pressure sensitive adhesive on a 90# liner providing excellent stability, removability, repositionable and reusable for graphics on normal wall surfaces. Ideal for wall stickers for home, kids rooms, nursery, dorm rooms, offices, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, lobbies, offices, businesses etc. With Rite-Media MuralTEX Wall fabric’s print & Cut-to-edge technology you can maximize your prints and turn blank walls into stunning decorative showcases. The only limit is your creativity! More info »

  RM-Light Cloth

Inkjet Media Solvent printable paper Rite-Media Light Cloth

6.6mil light fabric

Rite-Media Light Cloth, 6.6mil light fabric for printing with EcoSolvent. Latex & UV inks. Can be finished with sewing, grommets, and hemming tape. Great for Shear hanging banners, table throws etc. More info »